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Global Travel Reopening Dashboard

The global travel reopening dashboard allows travellers to get live updates on the reopening status for the top attractions around the world with comprehensive updates on safety measures and lockdown statuses at each of these locations.
It also includes an interactive map of a 100 countries with
travel regulations, quarantine rules and other information to help users learn more about post covid travel and plan their next travel destination.


5 weeks


Desktop & Mobile


Design | Content | Growth


The travel industry was heavily impacted by the COVID outbreak. With everyone anticipating the end of the pandemic, billions are curious about daily updates on its numbers. However, the world is slowly reopening again and access to up to date and accurate information is essential in helping the travel industry recover.

The global travel reopening dashboard is a dataset that aims to provide travelers with an unparalleled view of reopening trends around the world and help plan their next trip accordingly.

Design Challenge

The design challenge here was to create a database with a hybrid use case wherein it would be a global post COVID travel dataset on the business side while also being a one stop post COVID solution for users to get relevant information on the consumer side.



To create a global and country-level database of post COVID travel information

Real time updates on lockdown statuses across the globe

Measuring Impact


Provide up to date accurate information to businesses and platforms

To increase engagement and generate backlinks via an embed code for SEO purposes

The global reopening dashboard has since gone live and been shared with creators, platforms, and businesses for them to be able to provide up to date accurate information surrounding post-COVID global travel on their respective platforms.

It has also garnered a sizeable number of organic visitors.


22,000+ Organic Visitors



90+ Backlinks Generated

The Problem

With information surrounding COVID travel strewn across multiple sources and platforms, our intent was to create a dashboard that would be actionable and easy to understand and use.
We then framed the problem statement as How Might We questions keeping in mind the user's perspective.

Problem Statements

“How might we help travellers plan their next trip/vacation?

“How might we provide detailed information about when where and how to travel post COVID?”

“How might we help platforms and businesses access and share credible and comprehensive information?”

The Solution

To kick off the project, I took some time to understand the prerequisites of the project based on the initial framework that was provided by the other teams. Once a clear idea was established, we started developing on the ideas further to design a seamless experience.

Analyzing The Problem






Travellers looking for updated and detailed information pertaining to countries and attractions reopening again post COVID

Vast amounts of information across multiple sources

A one stop solution for post covid travel information and tips


Platforms/businesses looking for comprehensive data to provide their audience/clients

No direct source of information to share on their individual platforms

An information source that can be shared and distributed to various users

Designing The Experience

We then chose the various dashboard features based on their relevance and importance in providing data that would be of utmost help to the users.


Frame 399.png

Live country tracker with information about travel restrictions, rules and current status with a link to the official government website.

The tracker also has an option to be shared or embedded.

Country carousel that links to each country’s individual dashboard

Live attractions tracker that focuses on popular tourist attractions with information about their reopening dates, safety measures and links to buy tickets.

Interactive travel map that allows the user to explore global destinations country wise and avail relevant travel information based on the country's lockdown status.

Post COVID travel trends and relevant information surrounding global travel in the new climate

Popular tourist attractions categorised by country, type and reopening dates with information about new rules, restrictions and safety measures that are in place and a link to purchase tickets.


Frame 400.png

Current lockdown status of each country

COVID cases as graph data for a 30 day time period updated real-time for each country

Quarantine rules and travel restriction information concerning logistics, safety measures, and transportation with the country.

A link to the country's government website for further information.

Places to visit in and around the country with full details and a link to more information

Tourist attractions in the country sorted based on type and their reopening dates with information about new rules in place at each location with a link to buy tickets

Day trips around the country to discover hidden travel gems that are lesser know with travel information and links to purchase tickets

Transport information about traveling to and from the country as we all local transport within the country

Travel essentials exclusive to each country to keep in mind due to updated post COVID travel policies

Virtual experiences from each country categorized by type for non-travelers

Articles to help with travel planning and provide updated information on post COVID travel

The Process

We constantly adjusted our process to accommodate the UX requests that came in ad hoc from the growth team. There were continuous iterations made to to the design owing to these feature requests.
Our process overall could be framed as ;


Identify what we're trying to solve.
What are our constraints?


Discussing ideas and features and exploring them


Designing the features and user interface, defining the interactions etc


Accomodate ad hoc UX requests into design to shape the experience


We started off by understanding the project, defining the goals and the problem statement we were trying to solve by researching various other platforms that provided information about COVID travel and how we could provide a more comprehensive experience.
Based on our findings we
narrowed down to a set of particular features that would help users with essential post-COVID travel data while allowing them navigate information better.


The dashboard should provide relevant updated information in an easy to understand format

Information should be concise that can be scanned easily

Data should not be text-heavy thus encouraging the user to interact with the product

Information that is actionable and contribute to the business goals

Design Principles

We laid down some design principles based on which we structured the entire design to produce a cohesive product.




We made sure the design followed Headout’s design system guidelines

The design should make the information easy for all types of users to access and understand

It should push users to access more in-depth information and increase engagement and generate backlinks


Although there were multiple iterations and back and forth between the respective teams, it helped mould the product to provide a better end user experience.




Heading 1 20 

Heading 2 18 



Heading 2  18 

Heading 1  20 

Paragraph  16

Paragraph small  14 

Colour Palette






Group 724.png


see all cta.png
Group 635.png



Group 726.png

My Takeaway

MacBook Pro - 29.png

UI Components

Working on this project alongside the engineering and content teams exposed me to a more cohesive work process that helped me learn more about user needs and how to incorporate them into the user experience process. I also learned how vast oceans of information can be abridged to a readable and easily accessible format via design

Seeing the product go from a couple of ideas put forth by the teams to a full fledged dashboard in such a short time period was an experience in itself.

Communication between multiple teams was vital owing to the short timeline of the project and its eventual success. Overall I gained a lot of exposure to multiple team communication and a cohesive designing process.

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