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Blog Attractions Landing Page

The blog attractions landing page helps users navigate the various articles about travel attractions on Headput's blog based on their city. It's a one-stop solution to navigate travel information for various cities.


Studio PKA


1 Month


For this project, I had the opportunity to work directly with members of the content team who helped conceptualize the design based on the type of projects they worked on.

It was a quick project since the requirements were already clearly stated from the start.

Attractions Landing Page.png

Carousel of top attractions in the city that also double as jump links to detailed descriptions of each attraction

Description, details, and a link to buy tickets to individual attractions 

Types of tickets available in each city along with details on how to purchase them

City passes available in each city for all access to attractions

Free to visit attractions in each city

Best attraction passes available in the city and link to purchase them

FAQ pertaining to each city

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